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Two Great Student Podcasts

I've recently had the chance to reconnect with two past students and found out they're both doing great, interesting podcasts that I want to tell you about.

Gwen MinorGwen MinorThe first is Gwen Minor, who podcasts stories and discussions of the Ancient World! She's at http://gwenminor.com/, where she's steadily building a strong fan base and putting out content so regularly that she's already up to episode 50! My hat is off to her!

Gwen's scholarly book is here and you can find lots of great stories at her site.

Heather StallingsHeather StallingsThe second wonderful author and podcaster I want to tell you about is Heather Stallings. Her novel is called False Alarm and it's available here via Amazon. She's been podcasting for 9 episodes now at http://heatherstallings.com/ and will get you right into her story with ease and to your delight! False Alarm takes place in the world of elite athletes and bigtime sports management.

ESPN's own Rod Gilmore said of False Alarm, "it is absolutely dead on."

So check out both of these ladies' websites:

http://gwenminor.com and http://heatherstallings.com/ You'll be glad you did!

Are you a past student who has a podcast to tell me about? Drop an email and let you know! I'd be happy to put your work in an upcoming post. Up next: Jay Langejans!